About Us

History of AGREE

Association of Georgia Real Estate Exchangors

A Real Estate Marketing Organization

AGREE was organized in 1968 to assist real estate professionals in buying, selling and exchanging real estate for their clients and themselves, based on principals originated by Richard R. Reno. Reno was a San Diego Realtor who understood that working with people was more important than the traditional approach of working with property, and that in-depth client counselling was the key to completing successful transactions.

Today, AGREE is a real estate marketing group focused on identifying and implementing creative means to facilitate transactions. The group’s focus includes understanding client’s needs through counselling and identifying alternatives to all cash transactions.

AGREE takes the approach that people who own real estate do not necessarily want to totally divest themselves of real estate ownership, but were uncomfortable in the circumstances surrounding their current ownership. In effect, the problem was not with the property, but with the people who owned it.

There is no bad real estate, only inappropriate or untimely ownership. This leads to the idea that the most effective way to deal with real estate was to abandon the traditional approach of focusing entirely on the property, and incorporate into the process the circumstances surrounding the ownership of the property. We recognize that the reason(s) an owner wants to sell, and what the owner would do with the cash, if it is obtainable, was the key to successful transactions.

Working with people is more important than working with property. Properties do not have needs and desires, people do. Client management, the ability to deliver, stems from the relationship between the client and broker. The underlying premise is that the client’s best interests are paramount.

AGREE by incorporates the understanding that cash itself is not the answer to all real estate conveyances. Unless the personal motivation, benefits sought, and tax matters are considered prior to a real estate transaction, a client’s best interest may not be served.

AGREE also participates in continuing education of the professional growth of its members.

Recognized professionals in related fields are invited to speak. AGREE is a forum allowing attendees to keep well informed on tax matters, management, investment and commercial brokerage, and various aspects of real estate exchanges.