The Association of Georgia Real Estate Exchangors (AGREE) is a state and national exchange/marketing organization. AGREE is one of the oldest active exchange organizations in the country and has been active for over 40 years in the marketing and exchanging of real property. Membership consists of licensed Real Estate professionals who, through their education in client counseling, real estate taxation, real estate financing and equity marketing, provide creative solutions for the needs of their clients.

Membership in AGREE greatly expands networking and transaction opportunities beyond the local real estate communities to encompass the entire state of Georgia. Through their affiliation with the National Council of Exchangors (NCE) it has exposure across the country as well.

By hosting educational seminars and classes along with counseling opportunities, AGREE helps expand the knowledge of not only its membership but other local real estate professionals. Attendees will find through these various sessions that they will become more informed and innovative thereby allowing their clients’ desires and needs to be better served.

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